Kent Talks Music


Kent Talks Music is an initiative created to encourage communication amongst all music educators, practitioners and leaders in Kent. It acts as a symbol of sharing good practice and teacher learning.

The objective of the initiative is to promote the idea that every teacher has something to learn, and some expertise to share. The methods in which they do this will be stamped with the recognisable Kent Talks Music brand, allowing teachers to identify quality and trust in networking in Kent.

The Kent Talks Music logo is used to promote communication, networking and the sharing of expertise for any music or arts education programme/event that adheres to these objectives:

The content of the event is of a high quality and is relevant to contemporary practice, methods and ideas

Discussions should be open to all methods of teaching and learning

Guest speakers/professionals have been sourced responsibly and can demonstrate substantial understanding of the topic in question

Musical learning and development is at the heart of the message

The sharing of ideas, practice and experience is a vital way of improving and sustaining the quality of musical learning and continuous professional development

No practitioner should feel alone in their work

Everyone can contribute something


If you’d like to use Kent Talks Music to promote your programme or event, please send a brief application form to Steph via

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