Kent Music Roadshow – Bach to the Future

Bach to the Future is an hour long FREE interactive Roadshow aimed at KS2 and KS3 students. The Roadshow aims to inspire students to learn a musical instrument and to encourage an understanding of just how valuable music is to our world and to our everyday lives. Our three experienced musicians each represent an instrument family and will give students information about the instruments within those families. We have Colin on Brass, Lori on Strings, and Graeme on Woodwind.

The Roadshow includes live demonstrations of music from film, TV and musical theatre, and a range of different styles of music from classical and jazz to popular music. The musicians will play a variety of instruments and show a range of video clips, film trailers, TV adverts, and comic musical pieces. They will also lead audience participation activities including karaoke and demonstrate instruments that can be made at home.

It is a great experience for students! Especially if they do not have much access to music outside of school.

The Roadshow is available on Mondays throughout the Academic Year.

For more information or to book a Roadshow at your school, call or email Alison Haigh: 01622 358406 /


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What our schools say about the roadshow:

“I would like to say how fantastic the Kent Music Roadshow was when it visited our school.  The three musicians were very well organised and quickly set up the hall to meet their requirements.  Their interaction with the children was excellent.  The range of music played both informed and entertained the children with lots of pieces that they could recognise from their own lives.  In addition to the musical knowledge imparted, scientific knowledge relating to how sound was made was also shared with the children and given real context as the children could actually see what was happening.  The fact that the children experienced the high quality instrument playing was brilliant as many of our children would not come into contact with the instruments they saw.  After the performance many staff and children said how much they had enjoyed the afternoon and they were literally buzzing with enthusiasm.  All in all I would highly recommend the Roadshow – it was fabulous!” Warden House Primary School

“I have always believed that music is caught and not taught. Thank you for inspiring the next generation.” Wateringbury Primary School

“Thoroughly enjoyed by children and staff alike. Truly inspirational.” Gateway Community Primary School

“The musicians were experienced and highly professional, but at the same time able to deliver a brilliant Roadshow, pitched at just the right level for our children […] The Roadshow gave the children the opportunity to realise how important music is and how much fun they could get from playing a musical instrument.” Lawn Primary School

“We were all inspired by such high quality provision, from musicians who were so able and versatile, who communicated so appropriately with the children across the whole primary age range… please may we have them back one day?” Ramsgate Holy Trinity C.E.Primary School