Music Industry and Careers




CPD & Training

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Tuesday 05 October, 20214:00 pm5:30 pm

This session will look at how we can teach students about areas of the music industry outside of being a performer or composer.

Mike will explore why is it important to teach students about different industry roles across different settings such as:

  • Music studio
  • Music venue
  • Music festival

Mike will cover the skills and responsibilities of the roles and how can we impart knowledge and understanding of these roles in our curriculum teaching.

This session is suitable for secondary school teachers with subject knowledge who are looking for more support on how certain industry roles work. The course content will be suitable for careers information as well as potential for schemes of work and discussions on the industry.

About Mike

Mike has found a niche between the professional playing and recording of music and helping schools implement Music Technology Education effectively. He has spent 8 years as a global touring drummer, owns and runs a residential recording studio, co-owns a music venue and has been involved in education since 2007 implementing classrooms lessons, ‘masterclass’ tutorials and extra-curricular clubs such as ‘Electric Live Music’ (ELM). He has overseen the install of several music tech suites in schools and understands both the benefits and frustrations of music tech in the modern classroom and curriculum. Recognising the constant changing dynamic between what the music industry ‘was’ and ‘is’, he is well placed to help better inform teachers what the real-world outcomes could be for their students, particularly at BTEC level. https://www.ramsgatemusichall.com/ https://www.bigjellystudios.com/ Instagram @mikeycolsmusic