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Music Technology in Secondary School




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Monday 08 November, 20214:30 pm5:30 pm

In this online session we will explore Why is it important to teach students to use music technology and about music technology? How can we introduce students to technology when composing including looking at different DAWs to use what skills to teach at KS3.

We’ll discuss how can we introduce students to technology when performing as well as what resources are useful to have in your department.

As part of this course we’ll provide support on the various courses at level 2 and level 3 that could be introduced in your school to continue the study of music technology.

About Phil Heeley and Inclusive Music

Phil is founder of Inclusive Music, he believes in the incredible power of music and through this, the potential for self-expression, growth and fulfillment. He has endeavored to enable access to these essential human needs throughout his 30 year career and has witnessed the healing and joy it brings. He has chosen Music Technology as the medium for his work as it captures the imagination of children and adults and allows them to participate in the wonder and awe of making and performing music, no matter what the ability or disability. His mantra: Access For All. Phil has worked with many Music Services, Ofsted, the BBC, QCA, eJay, Connexions, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, BECTA – “Ask an expert”, Musical Futures, the Royal Opera House Bridge Project, theatre groups, children’s homes, youth clubs, drug dependent adults, the homeless and therapeutic communities. He was workshop leader and mentor for the Trinity Guildhall CPD program and an Associate of Drake Music UK, the pioneer of Assistive Music Technology.