Ofsted and Your Music Curriculum


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Thursday 18 June, 20203:30 pm5:30 pm

An online webinar session led by Robin Hammerton – a lead inspector and part of the Ofsted expert panel for Music.

About this Event

This is a repetition of the event that we ran in February 2020.

If you attended this event in February please do not book on again as the content is identical.

This event is for teachers who work in schools in Kent.

Join us online and hear Robin Hammerton speak about Ofsted and how they will be looking at music as part of the new EIF and how you can plan a musical curriculum for your school.

Robin will cover:

• What a Deep Dive is and what is involved in a music inspection

• What makes a good music curriculum – what should be in place in schools – primary and secondary

• What makes a good school and what makes an outstanding school as far as music is concerned

• How your MusicPlus and peripatetic music teachers and their provision fits into your curriculum

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