Singing in Secondary Schools




CPD & Training

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Monday 17 January, 20224:30 pm6:00 pm

Looking for ways to inject more singing into school life and lesson in your secondary school? Kent Music and The Voices Foundation are here!

Singing plays a vital role to the development of well-rounded musicians, as highlighted by the DfE document the Model Music Curriculum published in March 2021. However, it can be a challenge to get pupils in secondary schools singing and keep them singing!  

About The Voices Foundation

Voices Foundation has been working since 1993 to help schools, academies, Music Education Hubs and other partners across the UK to establish sustainable and effective music education in their settings. Everyone has a voice, and singing is a powerful way for children to become proficient musicians.

The Voices Foundation transform music in schools by developing teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in how to teach music effectively. Their model of teacher development supports schools to embed daily singing into school life – both through the curriculum and through extra-curricular choral enrichment. It aims to transform whole schools, teachers and children and is focussed on sustainable and integrated music education for all.