Medway Music Explorers

Music Centre

Medway Towns Music Centre

Group Session

Saturdays ~ 10:00 am - 10:45 am ~ Term Time Only

Music Leader

Lindsay Edmondson




School years 4-8



FREE group thanks to Friends of Medway Towns Music Centre

Medway Music Explorers (formerly Brasswindz) is open to all instrumentalists, teaching essential ensemble skills as well as introducing creativity, improvisation and singing.  Most importantly it will be fun, allowing your child to make new friends and explore their musical interests!

This group is the ideal next step for those who have been learning their instrument for a year or more, either through whole class, small group, or 1:1 tuition, or be self-taught, and who are up to grade 2 standard (or equivalent).

All instruments welcome, including saxophone, flute, violin, keyboard, and guitar.

Although there is no membership charge, you will still need to apply for the group.  Please use the buttons below to apply or make an enquiry.