Key Stage 1

The Music Education Hub supports Key Stage 1 programmes which have the following musical and educational outcomes:

  • Fun and enjoyment through music
  • Access to a variety of musical experiences both listening and participatory
  • First-hand experience of group music making including musical games, singing and rhythm work
  • Development of cognitive and motor skills through physical activity
  • Development of the whole child, namely: literacy, language, social and emotional development
  • Enrichment of the National Curriculum to enhance learning and instil a life-long love of all things musical
  • Support learning outside of school with ‘home materials’ resources for parents to utilise
  • Experience of using simple instruments and props for enhancing musical activities and stories
  • A preparation for transfer to more formal instrumental playing in the MusicPlus Programme at KS2
  • CPD & Training for KS1 teachers
  • Teacher Resources for KS1

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Funding Information for Schools

All state schools in Kent must complete the Kent Music Annual Survey in order to be eligible to receive ring fenced funding for music education.

On completion of the survey, schools could qualify for funding at Key Stage 1. Providing that the Terms and Conditions are fulfilled, the funding is paid directly to schools on the 20th of each month between May and March.

Funding is a contribution towards the cost of a KS1 music curriculum. It is calculated at £2.50 per KS1 pupil (based on 2017 census figures). There is a minimum payment to schools of £100.

Read the full Funding Terms, Conditions and Guidelines 2018-19 here.