Key Stage 2

As stated in the Music Education Hub core roles, it is our job to:

Ensure that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, other than voice, through whole class ensemble teaching. Nationally, and in Kent this opportunity happens in KS2 – ideally in Year 4.

In Kent, we also contribute towards the cost of whole class music at KS2. This year of funded provision is called MusicPlus. Funding comes from Arts Council funds and additionally, for projects that are a full year in length, from schools.

The programme provides instrumental tuition and musical instruments for whole classes at no cost to the student. Schools can find their own teacher or come through Kent Music for a teacher.

The programme allows children to build confidence, play in an ensemble, compose, and much more! MusicPlus classes are extremely beneficial to the academic, social and emotional development of children.