Key Stage 3/4

For KS3/4 mainstream schools, funding is provided to meet the fees of visiting musicians who are proven to be competent at delivering the musical activity for which they are engaged. This can include:

  • Ensembles that enable students to progress with their music making
  • Choirs or other vocal groups
  • Other programmes such as music technology clubs or songwriting sessions that enable children and young people to learn creative skills and express themselves through music.

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Funding Information for Schools

All state schools in Kent must complete the Kent Music Annual Survey in order to be eligible to receive ring fenced funding for music education.

On completion of the survey, schools could qualify for funding at Key Stage 3/4. Providing that the Terms and Conditions are fulfilled, the funding is paid directly to schools on the 20th each month between May and March.

Funding is a contribution towards the cost of music education in secondary schools. It is calculated at £2.50 per KS3/4 pupil (based on 2017 census figures).

Read the full Funding Terms, Conditions and Guidelines 2018-19 here.