Music Lessons

Kent Music provides creative and inspiring music lessons for children, young people and adults across Kent. With decades of experience teaching generations of young musicians, hundreds of talented teachers and staff, and a passion for music in all forms, we’re experts in making music lessons which work for all students.

At Kent Music, we’re passionate believers in the importance of music education for students of all ages. Learning to sing or to play a musical instrument provides enormous benefits for young people in particular, including:

  • Boosting confidence
  • Benefits to concentration and memory
  • Helping with maths and language skills
  • Improving social skills
  • Providing a creative outlet

To find out more information on the social and academic benefits of music education, the role you can play in your child’s learning or for general information on lessons and ensembles, please download a copy of our Parent Guide.

At Kent Music we have an engaged and dynamic community of students from all backgrounds and areas in Kent who benefit from high quality music lessons with us. We look forward to welcoming all new members!

Lesson spots can fill up quickly, so we’d encourage you to apply soon via the buttons below.

What we teach

At Kent Music, we teach a wide range of instruments as well as vocal lessons. Our experienced teachers can provide lessons for a variety of ages and experience levels, from beginner to advanced. Lessons can take place during the day in schools or in the evening or on Saturdays in one of our music centres. Meanwhile online lessons are flexible.

The availability of lessons may vary depending on the area you live or learn in. You can find out more about this when you register or make an enquiry via the buttons below.

Discover more about the instruments we teach below!

  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • double bass
  • guitar (acoustic, classical, electrical, bass)
  • ukulele
  • bassoon
  • clarinet
  • flute
  • oboe
  • recorder
  • saxophone
  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • euphonium
  • tuba
  • French horn
  • Cornet
  • Piano and keyboard
  • Percussion
  • Voice (Singing)
About our teachers

Second to our amazing students, at Kent Music we’re most proud of our teachers. While all the teachers we work with are unique in their background, experience and talents, they are all inspirational and creative musicians and teachers, passionate about teaching music!

We believe that engaged teachers deliver engaging and high-quality lessons. That’s why, alongside day to day support, we provide all our teachers with:

  • Enhanced DBS checks
  • Annual safeguarding training
  • Regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training in both music and education

Meet some of our regular teachers and get a taste of how teaching can work with Kent Music in these videos from summer 2020:

Making Violin Scales Fun with Lori Noriss
5 top tips for energising your practice with Lindsay Edmondson
Improvisation for Beginners with Dan Banks
Advanced Improvisation for Instrumentalists with Dan Banks

Learning with Kent Music

There is no minimum or maximum age when it comes to learning music! Introducing music to children at an early age can improve their learning ability and memory as well as skills such as sharing, creativity and concentration. We have students aged 5 and upwards – the age at which you can start is generally dependent on three factors:

  1. Academic ability – in order to succeed with instrumental or vocal tuition, you need to be able to count confidently and be learning or able to read.
  2. Physical dexterity – playing any instrument is about making controlled and purposeful physical movements with hands and fingers, and, with wind instruments, coordinating this with breathing.
  3. Emotional maturity – your lesson will last for at least 20 minutes, during which you will have to work hard, stay focused, and have good behaviour. You will also need to practice for at least 15 minutes every day on tasks your teacher sets.

We teach children, young people and adults from complete beginners up to conservatoire level. Some students want to take performance exams on their instruments; others want to take a more informal approach to learning. Either way, our teachers will work with you to help you become a better musician.

Lessons can take place in a variety of locations to suit your needs. You can select your location when you register for lessons at the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Find out more about the different locations to have a lesson here:

We offer teaching in a wide variety of schools across Kent. While the COVID-19 pandemic has meant some schools are still not available to teach in, the Kent Music team is working hard to get back into as many as possible!

To find out whether we’re currently teaching in your school and what lessons are on offer there, click the ‘Apply Here’ button below. You can then search for your school as a venue, and browse the available lessons.

We’d encourage any interested parents or students to read our organisation’s guidance on returning safely to schools this term here: Keeping Students Safe – face-to-face learning

Please find more information on how we’re ensuring access to music during COVID-19 on our dedicated page here.

Kent Music’s Music Centres are inspiring musical environments found across Kent. Our centres are lively, supportive and creative music hubs in the heart of the local community, designed with all music lovers in mind. They’re  the best places to connect with the local music community, providing access to fantastic music education outside of school hours and regardless of the availability of lessons and groups in schools.

All our centres are different, offering locally-focused opportunities based on your community’s needs. However, all centres will offer a variety of lessons as well as ensembles and more.

To apply for lessons at a Music Centre, click the ‘Apply Here’ button below. You can then search for your school as a venue, and browse the available lessons.

We are currently planning to open the following centres from September 2021 onwards:

Ashford Music Centre
Folkestone Music Centre
Gravesham Music Centre
Maidstone Music Centre
Medway Towns Music Centre
Thanet Music Centre
West Kent Music Centre

Tailored to your needs

Students can learn as an individual or as a small group; individual lessons can be tailored to the student’s needs while group lessons provide a fun and sociable way of learning! We would advise that individual beginners opt for a 20-30 minute lesson, increasing the lesson duration as they progress and small groups opt for a 30 minute lesson.

Spaces for group lessons are currently restricted due to COVID-19. If you are interested in small group lessons, please make an enquiry and our Customer Services team will advise you.

Your lessons can work towards music examinations or simply focus on the enjoyment and accomplishment of learning to sing or to play a musical instrument.

We have inclusion at the heart of everything we do at Kent Music, including our music lessons. We provide music lessons for students with a variety of SEN/D needs, including providing lessons in both mainstream and special schools. Our full-time SEN/D Manager works closely with our teachers, customer services team, parents/carers and students to ensure we can provide high quality music education for all.

Your teacher and Kent Music are on hand to make sure that your lessons, in whatever form they take, are designed to give you the best outcome, no matter your level of experience.

Lesson Prices for September 2024 – July 2025

Prices shown are per student 

33 lessons are taught per year

Band A – One to One Lessons

Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, voice

20 minute lesson – £13.50

30 minute lesson – £20.25

40 minute lesson – £27.00

60 minute lesson – £40.50

Band B – Small Group Lessons

All instruments and voice

20 minutes in a group of 2 – £6.75

30 minutes in a group of 2 – £10.15

30  minutes in a group of 3 – £6.75

Band C – One to One Lessons

Piano/keyboard, music theory, music technology

20 minute lesson – £14.00

30 minute lesson – £21.00

40 minute lesson – £28.00

60 minute lesson – £42.00

Lesson prices for September 2023 – July 2024: 

We aim to make our musical opportunities as accessible as possible to children and young people. As such we offer opportunities for financial assistance for lessons, music centre membership and music instrument hire. It’s available for is available for children and young people aged 5 – 18 years, living in and attending school in Kent (not Medway). Financial Assistance can cover up to 75% or £115 per term, including instrument hire (with some exceptions).

To find out more information and if you are eligible to apply for financial assistance, please see our Financial Assistance page.

Instrument hire is available for all students, with a reduced rate for students receiving tuition through Kent Music. Students will need an instrument prior to their first lesson, and to enable them to practice at home between lessons.

Kent Music students who have lessons with us recieve a 35% discount on instrument hire!

Visit our Instrument Hire page for more details.

One month’s notice prior to the start of the following term is required to discontinue from lessons.

Withdrawals in 2023-24 should be received by:

Autumn Term 2023 – first day of term: 11th September; discontinuation deadline: 11th August

Spring Term 2024 – first day of term: 4th January; discontinuation deadline: 4th December

Summer Term 2024 – first day of term: 15th April; discontinuation deadline:  15th March

Notice must be sent in writing by email to or by letter to Kent Music’s Head Office. Notice given verbally or in writing to the teacher will not be registered as notice and you may continue to be charged for lessons.

If written notice to withdraw is received after the discontinuation deadline but before the second week of teaching starts, then 50% of the termly fee is due (equivalent to a maximum of 6 lessons). If notice is received after that point, then 100% of the termly fee is due.

This is outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

Please find our full up to date Terms & Conditions here.

How to Apply

To apply for lesson with us, please click ‘Apply Here’ below.

You’ll be taken to our online course platform where you can select your school or Music Centre of choice as the venue. You can then browse the available lessons.

You can also see and apply for other services such as instrument hire and financial assistance at the same link.

Once you’ve selected your chosen courses, go to your basket to complete your application. You will then be prompted to log into your Kent Music online customer account.

If you don’t have an online customer account, then don’t worry – you can still easily apply at the ‘Apply Here’ button. You’ll be taken through some simple steps to create an account and your application will be processed the same as someone with an existing account.

After your application is complete, you’ll be sent further information about your lessons to confirm.

If you have any questions or concerns about applying, please contact our Customer Services team on

We look forward to welcoming you to the Kent Music family to learn, work and play together!