If you know (or are!) a young person aged between seven and nine who wants to learn the Ukulele at home, then you are in the right place! Welcome to MusicPlus Digital.

MusicPlus Digital was originally created as a free Key Stage 2 music resource for Kent (UK) schools and is currently used in lots of primary schools across the county.

Given that many pupils have had their music education limited or disrupted due to the COVID 19 crisis, we would like to let individual students use our resource and learn the Ukulele at home, for free.

It’s perfect for young learners aged 7-9 years old who want to pick up a new instrument at their own pace. The course consists of 15 digital lessons each separated into user friendly parts. You will start at lesson one and can replay any lesson part at any time until you have mastered the skill. Then you can move on to the next lesson.

Over the entire course you will meet fun characters, learn lots of fun songs as well as how to play chords and melodies, and read Ukulele TAB.

You don’t need any previous experience in order to start. It is totally for beginners.

In a school, MusicPlus Digital learning would be extended by a confident Ukulele player and/or teacher working with the class every other week, and 15 digital lessons would become 30 weeks of Ukulele learning.

You might not have access to a Ukulele teacher while learning from home, but that’s OK; MusicPlus Digital will give you a great starting point on your musical journey.

After learning the Ukulele with MusicPlus Digital you might decide that you want to play a different instrument and that is great. Perhaps, when you might even want to sign up for music lessons with us!

To use our free resource at home all you need to do is sign up on the MusicPlus Digital website via the button below, and have some free time, an internet connection and a Ukulele to use. Kent Music offers instrument hire if you don’t have one available, and your school might be able to loan you an instrument too.

An adult will need to create an account and answer a few sign-up questions but that’s all you need to do! Full FAQs can be found on the MusicPlus Digital website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the virtual family!