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Posted on: 11 December, 2013

Band Without Boundaries Christmas fun

Band Without Boundaries is a socially inclusive band, who meet each month to play mostly jazz music and to improvise. Their members include adults with learning disabilities, physically disabled adults, their supporters and local musicians.
Read more about the group here.

The Christmas Special session for Band without Boundaries took place on Tuesday 10th December.

We were very fortunate to hold the session at the Pamoja Hall, an award winning performance arts centre located in The Space at Sevenoaks School.

In Kiswahili (the language of the Swahili people) The meaning of the word Pamoja is  “we are together”. The phrase encompasses the belief  that no matter the distance separating our worlds, in the end, we are all humans and we are all together striving for the same thing– a life of choice, dignity, and hope. So the venue was a very fitting place for our inclusive band and a good representation for the aims of our partnering organisation in this project, Community Futures Kent.

The event was a great success and enjoyed by all the members and our guests.

For more information on Band Without Boundaries and how to get involved contact Sue Marlow : 07936 428436