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Posted on: 6 June, 2024

Changing lives with All Sorts of Music

At Kent Music, we are committed to making music accessible for all. Our Financial Assistance programme supports students from low-income families, ensuring they can enjoy the same opportunities as their peers. All Sorts of Music, based in Ash near Sandwich, has seen the profound impact of this support.

“We are very grateful for the funding Kent Music provides to enable families on low income to access music lessons. We have a number of families signed up under this scheme. Without schemes like this low income students would really struggle to have the same opportunities as their peers.” says Kate from All Sorts of Music. This organisation has gone above and beyond by setting up its own scholarship scheme to help families in need and holding annual concerts to raise additional funds, ensuring no student is left behind.

One remarkable success story involves a teen who had been housebound for years due to bullying and anxiety. With initial funding from the Inspire Fund at Dover District Council, this student began guitar lessons. Further support from Kent Music and All Sorts of Music, along with a generous local benefactor who purchased a guitar, enabled the student to pursue their passion. Now, they are studying music at university, a testament to the transformative power of community support and accessible music education.

Such stories are not isolated. Our Financial Assistance programme continues to support many students, providing them with opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. As Kate says “Without the funding around them this would not have been possible at all. There are many other students who the fund supports, this story isn’t an isolated one. Without schemes like the funding from Kent Music where would these students be?”

Discover more about how you can support or benefit from our programme by visiting our Financial Assistance page.