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Posted on: 12 April, 2023

Five reasons we love singing at Kent Music

Singing is one of the most enjoyable and accessible forms of music-making for children and young people. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also provides a host of benefits that can positively impact their development and well-being.

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.” – Stephen Sondheim

Singing is one of the oldest ways in which humans have made music, and with thousands of years of practice, evolution, and talent behind it, singing has one of the most varied and complex repertoires of any musical practice. Whether you get giddy at gospel, marvel at musicals, find pop most pleasing or cheer for choral classics, singing has something for everyone and should be celebrated!

Whilst we love singing for the sake of it, there are plenty of practical and wellbeing benefits for singers of all ages, but particularly young people:

  1. Boosts confidence and self-esteem: Singing helps children and young people develop confidence in their own abilities and encourages them to express themselves creatively.
  2. Develops language and communication skills: Singing can improve speech and language development, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as enhancing listening and comprehension skills.
  3. Improves cognitive function: Singing has been linked to improvements in memory, attention, and overall cognitive function.
  4. Promotes social skills: Group singing can encourage teamwork, cooperation, and a sense of community, as well as helping children and young people develop important social skills such as turn-taking and active listening.
  5. Relieves stress and anxiety: Singing has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels in children and young people, helping them feel more relaxed and at ease.

At Kent Music we’re passionate about promoting singing for all, whether they also play an instrument or just love vocals. We advocate for singing in schools and aim to make it a key part of a musical life for all young people in Kent, whether they’re our students or not.

Outside of school, at Kent Music we have a huge range of singing offers to take young people from singing their first note to stunning with solos!


Vocal lessons are available around the county both in school and at our local Music Centres. Our tutors are supportive, engaging and passionate about their craft! Find out how to access lessons on our dedicated page here.

Junior Choirs (and other ensembles)

Singing in a group is an amazing way to explore new repertoire, meet other young singers and build self-confidence and skills in a fun environment. We have choirs at Music Centres around the county which run outside of school hours – find your nearest one!

Ashford Junior Choir, Folkestone Junior Choir, Gravesham Junior Choir, Medway Youth Voices, Thanet Voices

You can also sing your heart out at our Music Labs – creative spaces for slightly more experienced musicians to find their own path, jam together and develop skills. We currently have Labs in Folkestone and Thanet.


Throughout the year we run standalone courses where young people can get their vocal cords going! You can create your own new music with Orchestra ONE or join the summer fun at Summer School with Summer Singing, Song Writing or Musical Theatre. We also occasionally run ‘Come and Sing!’ days – keep an eye on our What’s On page.

Kent Youth Choir

Since 1983, KYC has been the ultimate ensemble for highly talented vocalists from Kent! The choir meets three times a year to performs advanced choral music from a large variety of genres and periods and has performed in highly renowned venues both in this country and abroad. The choir is incredibly friendly, supportive and fun, and make beautiful music (and memories) every time they meet! Find out more and how to join on their page.

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” – Ella Fitzgerald

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