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Posted on: 28 April, 2021

Government publishes a new Model Music Curriculum – what’s new for school music?

The long-awaited Model Music Curriculum was released on Friday 26th March 2021. This is exciting for music educators as music becomes the first non-core subject to have a model curriculum released.  The full guidance can be found at this link.

After two years of planning, development, consultation and research, the government released it’s new Model Music Curriculum in March 2021. A 15 strong expert panel contributed towards the development of the curriculum, which included teachers, musicians and music education experts.

The model curriculum is designed to cover key skills of musicianship and provide music educators with a framework to support their curriculum planning of key stages 1 to 3.

Music is the first non-core subject to have official new guidance like this published. While it’s non-statutory guidance, it comes as a huge vote of confidence for everyone in the music education sector, showing the institutional  support for and acknowledgment of the value of music for all students.

In their press release alongside the Model Music Curriculum, the Department for Education states that the plan is ambitious and aims to provide all children with access to excellent music education.

The document emphasises the necessity of providing a broad and balanced curriculum and encourages the teaching of a wide variety of musical genres and composers including Western Classical greats such as Vivaldi and Mozart to more contemporary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

This broad approach is a refreshing move, providing flexibility for schools and teachers in their teaching choices. As we know, no school, teacher, or student is the same –  especially when looking at the nation as a whole – and this document will support the creation of more tailored offers.

“Having the opportunity to study and explore music is not a privilege; it is a vital part of a broad and ambitious curriculum.”

Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP
Minister of State for School Standards

Schools can expect Kent Music to continue looking into the model curriculum. We will deliver support on the document including CPD opportunities in the summer term and through next academic year to support schools’ future planning.

Details on our free twilight CPD events on the subject can be found below:

08/06/2021 – Kent Music discusses the Model Music Curriculum for KS3

14/06/2021 – Kent Music discusses the Model Music Curriculum for KS1 and KS2

We are excited to see what opportunities the Model Music Curriculum will provide for schools, teachers and students. We look forward to exploring them with you!




NB: Please keep in mind that there have been no changes to the National Curriculum for music and  the Model Music Curriculum document is non-statutory  guidance.