Posted on: 21 April, 2015

Orchestra ONE: Project 10

The music created for O1 P10 was inspired by the themes of freedom, equality and human rights. In the lead up to the project participants were provided with information on the history of these topics from Magna Carta to the current Human Rights Act and on how these themes have been expressed through music over the centuries.

The project started with a visit from Dr Mark Bateson, KCC’s  Community History Officer, who has recently discovered an edition of Magna Carta dated 1300 in the Maidstone Archives.

Participants also had a visit from Medway Speakers’ Corner and were given the opportunity to take part in public speaking and debate. They engaged with great enthusiasm:  I felt that using the speaking podium enabled me to express opinions that I wouldn’t otherwise have shared. It’s a great opportunity to talk about anything and hear other’s responses on the same topic  (quote from participant).

The MSC member who attended said I was encouraged by the lively discussion of issues… the group showed far greater maturity and respect for each other than many of our politicians…”  – read more on the Medway Speaker’ Corner website


In keeping with the theme of equality Project 10 was led by a team of tutors but no musical director. Each tutor took turns to lead and this undoubtedly contributed to the diversity of music created in this project.

The performance was a mix of genres and styles opening with one of the Magna Carta clauses, still remaining in English Law, sung in plainchant in the original Latin. Jazz/blues, ballads, protest songs and “chance” music all contributed to the  rich and diverse content of concert which was full of energy and enabled our young musicians to demonstrate their hard work, talent and enjoyment of the project.

Here’s what our participants thought:

It was amazingly different!!”

“I loved it all”

“I love O1”

“Orchestra ONE is the best thing in 2015!”




‘Orchestra ONE was a shared vision between it’s founders. We nurtured a tiny spark into a huge roaring flame and I’m proud to see that having watched it grow wings and leave the nest, it is still flying high and exploring new lands and un-charted territories.’

Rhythmix, partners in the creation of Orchestra ONE

We enjoyed it a lot. The music was indeed diverse, with changes of mood and tempo, very moving in parts, and generated lots of energy. The young people are marvellously talented and enthusiastic: a credit to their generation!”

Dr Mark Bateson

I could go on and on about how wonderful orchestra one is.

You can really tell how much the students connect with and respect the tutors and the hard work, patience and commitment the tutors have to ensure all the members are included and their ideas are valued 

We wanted to say that the last project for us was the best ever as each group of musicians and the singers had a time of focus and also they all played together as well which is our daughter’s favourite thing – Every time she comes to each project she learns something new and feels included; coming to orchestra helps her confidence

Parent of participant  

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