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Please be aware that we have new guidelines and support in place for returning to schools in the Autumn term 2020. 

Please refer to the full guidance, information and FAQs on our services here: www.kent-music.com/school-services/covid-19-schools-guidance/

The Music Education Hub led by Kent Music has a range of responsibilities in line with the National Plan for Music Education published in November 2011 by the Department for Education. Music Education Hubs receive a grant from the Department for Education (DfE) which is administered by Arts Council England. In turn, some of this funding is distributed directly to schools so that music education opportunities, as listed in our funding terms and conditions, can take place.

Read the full Funding Terms, Conditions and Guidelines 2020-21 here.

This funding is intended for use in state schools only.

In order for state schools to qualify for this funding, a complete submission of our annual survey is required. Non completion of this survey will result in funding not being administered or withheld.

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The annual Kent Music Schools Survey will be live from June 1st 2020 until the 26th June 2020. We will ask schools about information on their music provision for the academic year 2019/20. 

We understand that, given the COVID-19 crisis, schools may be in a difficult position and that undertaking this survey could be challenging. The Arts Council have not changed their deadlines for us to get school data to them so therefore we are unable to change our survey timeline. However, any school experiencing problems in completing this survey before the 26th June will be dealt with on a case by case basis and we will allow extra time where needed. 

A completed survey from a school gives access to funds for Music Education for the Financial year 20/21. Your next opportunity to access the funding will be through completion of the 2020/21 annual survey which will be live in May/June 2021. 

We have prepared a summary of the data which may be required and a PDF version of the full survey to give schools an opportunity to prepare data and answers in advance. Please find them linked below:

Survey Summary 
Full Survey 

Please click here for a pdf version of the survey questions if you would like to prepare your data in advance. 
Please note that this pdf is NOT what the survey will look like when you complete it online. This pdf lays out every question and possible answer but in the live survey most of these questions are hidden and can only be seen depending on the answers that you give. 

For more information on this please email cbaines@kent-music.com.

COVID-19 impact on funding for schools

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Kent Music had hoped to be able to continue funding schools as per the usual planned schedule, but in light of the nationwide closure of schools which took effect on the 20th March 2020 we have had to make the decision to not fund mainstream schools at KS1,3 or 4 until September.


In September you will continue to receive the same monthly payments that you had last financial year unless your Schools Annual Survey is not returned to us in June

KS2 payments – for schools with KS2 children

Changes to funding as mentioned above will not affect KS2 payments which will start as usual in September and are for the sole purpose of fulfilling the Arts Council’s core role of delivering whole class music tuition which in Kent we call MusicPlus.

Funding Usage

Key Stage 1
Funding is a contribution towards the cost of a KS1 music curriculum. It is calculated at £2.50 per KS1 pupil (based on 2017 KCC census figures) with a minimum of £100 per school. Funding for Key Stage 1 is paid directly to schools providing KS1 music teaching on the 20th of each month. Due to the national closure of schools this funding will now only be paid between September 2020 and March 2021. 

The money should be used to:

  • enable schools to run early years programmes led by suitably skilled music practitioners
  • buy appropriate KS1 resources

All funding should be used with a long-term investment in mind and NOT to pay for one-off events.

Key Stage 2
Funding is a contribution towards the cost of one KS2 year group receiving up to an academic year of Whole Class music teaching. This funded whole class offer is called MusicPlus. It is calculated at £6.00 per KS2 pupil (based on 2017 census figures) with a minimum of £600 per school (£500 minimum for SEND schools).

If you provide a MusicPlus offer in one year group in your school and you have completed the annual survey, you will receive funding. This MusicPlus, as it is funded is subject to the Kent Music Quality Assurance process.

Funding for Key Stage 2 is paid on the 20th of each month between September and March either:

  • Directly to the school
  • To an accredited agency ie: Kent Music. If you choose a Kent Music teacher you will not receive this funding directly.

Key Stage 3/4
Funding is a contribution towards the cost of music education in secondary schools. Our terms and conditions state what this funding should be used for. It is calculated at £2.50 per KS3/4 pupil (based on 2017 census figures). Funding for Key Stage 3/4 is paid directly to secondary schools on the 20th of each month. Due to the national closure of schools this funding will now only be paid between September 2020 and March 2021.

Change of Bank Details?

Kent Music should be notified of any changes to bank account details so that funding can continue unhindered.

In order to let us know about any changes please complete the below form and return it via email to cbaines@kent-music.com

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