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The Music Education Hub (Kent Music) has a range of responsibilities in line with the National Plan for Music Education published in November 2011 by the Department for Education. Music Education Hubs receive a grant from the Department for Education (DfE) which is administered by Arts Council England. This ring-fenced money is intended for use in state schools.

In order for state schools to qualify for this funding, we require all schools in Kent to complete an annual survey in the spring of each year. Non completion of this Survey will result in funding being withheld (see terms and conditions below).

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The Annual Survey will go out to schools on the 23rd April 2018 for submission of information about music in schools covering the year 2017-18. This survey needs to be submitted by 18thMay 2018 in order for funding to continue. All schools will receive an email containing a link to the survey. It can only be completed and submitted online.

A reference copy of the survey content can be found here. Please do not submit this copy as your survey return – you can only complete and submit online via your personal link.

Changes to funding 2018/19

Over the past year we have been reviewing the funding that we allocate to schools in the light of a growing schools population.

Therefore, from the 1 April 2018 we will be changing the way that the funds allocated to schools are calculated.

How and why the calculation will change:

Amount of Funding
Kent Music has managed to maintain the level of funding at £3 per head for KS1 and £6.66 per head for KS2 since the start of the music education hub in 2012. Many schools have grown over this time and there is pressure on our budget to the point where we have to review the funding levels. The amounts of funding we receive from the Department for Education will not increase between now and the end of our current funding agreement on 31 March 2020.

In light of this, we are reducing the amount of funding per head as detailed below. This means that we can continue to support new and growing schools. For many schools there will be little or no change as we are maintaining the minimum payment levels.

Census Figures
Kent Music will be using new census figures for all schools to calculate the level of funding that you receive. Many schools have increased in pupil numbers over the last 5 years and in order to make the levels of funding fair to all we will update our pupil figures using the 2017 KCC return.

Funding Calculations

Key Stage 1
Funding is a contribution towards the cost of a KS1 music curriculum. It is calculated at £2.50 per KS1 pupil (based on 2017 KCC census figures) with a minimum of £100 per school. Funding for Key Stage 1 is paid directly to schools providing KS1 music teaching on the 20th of each month between May and March with a double payment in May.

The money should be used to:

  • enable schools to run early years programmes led by suitably skilled music practitioners
  • buy appropriate KS1 resources

All funding should be used with a long term investment in mind and NOT to pay for one-off events.

Key Stage 2
Funding is a contribution towards the cost of of one KS2 year group receiving an academic year of Whole Class music teaching. It is calculated at £6.00 per KS2 pupil (based on 2017 census figures) with a minimum of £600 per school (£500 minimum for SEND schools).

In Kent, whole class music is called MusicPlus. To be a MusicPlus teacher means that you not only provide whole class teaching at KS2 but also that you engage with relevant CPD and develop your teaching throughout the year, plan teaching around the MusicPlus outcomes and be open to the Quality Assurance Process.

If you adhere to the above and complete the annual survey you will continue to receive funding.

Funding for Key Stage 2 is paid on the 20th of each month between September and March either:

  • Directly to the school
  • To an accredited agency ie: Kent Music

Key Stage 3/4
Funding is a contribution towards the cost of music education in secondary schools. Our terms and conditions state what this funding should be used for. It is calculated at £2.50 per KS3/4 pupil (based on 2017 census figures). Funding for Key Stage 3/4 is paid directly to secondary schools on the 20th of each month between May and March with a double payment in May.

Read the full Funding Terms, Conditions and Guidelines 2018-19 here.