MusicPlus is an Arts Council England funded scheme which provides instrumental tuition and musical instruments for whole classes at no cost to the student.  Kent Music runs a MusicPlus programme which can be bought in by schools using the funding received from Kent Music for this purpose. MusicPlus is designed for children at Key Stage 2, ideally in Year 4.

The programme allows children to build confidence, play in an ensemble, compose, and much more! MusicPlus classes are extremely beneficial to the academic, social and emotional development of children.

We have a group of teachers who have been trained and are experienced in the delivery of MusicPlus. We do expect that the classroom teacher is present when MusicPlus lessons take place to assist with the smooth running of the lesson and preferably to take part themselves!

MusicPlus Framework

Basic Guidelines for MusicPlus

Lesson Checklist for MusicPlus

MusicPlus Digital

Quality Assurance of MusicPlus

Completed MusicPlus Lesson Plan

Blank MusicPlus Lesson Plan Template