In Kent, we contribute towards the cost of whole class music at KS2. This funded provision is called MusicPlus.

This programme provides instrumental tuition and musical instruments for whole classes at no cost to the student. Schools can find their own teacher or come through Kent Music for a teacher.

The programme allows children to build confidence, play in an ensemble, compose, and much more! MusicPlus classes are extremely beneficial to the academic, social and emotional development of children.

MusicPlus for Autumn 2020

Please be aware that we have new guidelines and support in place for returning to schools in the Autumn term 2020. 

Please refer to the full guidance, information and FAQs on our services here: www.kent-music.com/school-services/covid-19-schools-guidance/

For those with a Kent Music teacher for MusicPlus:

Kent Music will not be delivering face to face MusicPlus tuition in schools until January. If you had a Kent Music teacher for MusicPlus last year, please contact our Customer Services team to book in your school requirement for January if you have not done so already.

During the autumn term instead of teaching face to face sessions in schools our teachers will be following a bespoke CPD programme following content to upskill and extend their knowledge on whole class teaching including Music Tech, philosophy of teaching music, planning, differentiating and assessing. They will also be making contact with their assigned schools in the autumn term to enable planning so that we can ensure if a school has a deep dive in music from Ofsted that our teacher has joined up their MusicPlus planning with the school curriculum.

Each Kent Music school will be charged the usual £50 per term per form entry for their MusicPlus tuition however there will be no charge for the autumn term.

For more details on the our MusicPlus offer please click here.

For those who engage other agencies/teachers for MusicPlus

If you engage a different music agency or a private peripatetic teacher, you will need to make contact with them to find out what their offer will be in September. Music Mark are continually updating their guidance on safe music delivery which can be found here.

Schools will continue to receive their funding for MusicPlus as usual between September and March and most schools will have received notice about their funding in May 2020.

MusicPlus teachers

To be a MusicPlus teacher means that you not only provide whole class teaching at KS2 but that this teaching is guided by the Kent Music MusicPlus framework and the 5 outcomes within this:

  • Be Musical
  • Be Creative and Flexible
  • Be Inclusive
  • Plan for Progress
  • Assess and Reflect

Additionally, you should also engage with relevant CPD and develop your teaching throughout the academic year and be open to the Quality Assurance Process.

If a peripatetic teacher is providing your MusicPlus tuition we do expect that the classroom teacher is present when MusicPlus lessons take place to assist with the smooth running of the lesson and preferably to take part themselves!

Please click on the available links below for more information on MusicPlus:

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