In Kent, we contribute towards the cost of whole class music at KS2. This funded provision is called MusicPlus.

This programme provides instrumental tuition and musical instruments for whole classes at no cost to the student. Schools can find their own teacher or come through Kent Music for a teacher.

The programme allows children to build confidence, play in an ensemble, compose, and much more! MusicPlus classes are extremely beneficial to the academic, social and emotional development of children.

MusicPlus during the 2020/21 academic year

Please refer to the full guidance, information, funding information and FAQs on our services during COVID-19 here: Schools COVID-19 Guidance

For those with a Kent Music teacher for MusicPlus:

Kent Music will begin to teach face to face Music Plus lesson after the Easter holidays. However we will only do this in schools where our Music Plus Risk Assessment for the relevant activity has been signed by the school.

We had a number of schools ready to go in January 2021 with a Kent Music teacher and these schools will start after Easter with no need for any adjustments to existing arrangements. If you are one of these schools who has already signed our Risk Assessment and you find that you need to make changes to your provision, please contact our Customer Services Department.

Each Kent Music school will be charged £50 per form entry for the summer term of MusicPlus tuition.

If you would usually have a Kent Music teacher for MusicPlus tuition and you have not yet signed a Risk Assessment you need to do this before we can send a teacher in. Please contact your local Area Manager to complete this paperwork and arrange your tuition for the summer term

For those who engage other agencies/teachers for MusicPlus:

If you engage a different music agency or a private peripatetic teacher, you will need to make contact with them to find out what their offer will be in the summer term and September. Music Mark are continually updating their guidance on safe music delivery which can be found here. Any agency you engage should adhere to this guidance.

If you engage a different music agency or a private peripatetic teacher, you will need to contact them and let them know if they are needed to teach in your school and when. Music Mark are continually updating their guidance on safe music delivery which can be found here.

MusicPlus teachers

To be a MusicPlus teacher means that you not only provide whole class teaching at KS2 but that this teaching is guided by the Kent Music MusicPlus framework and the 5 outcomes within this:

  • Be Musical
  • Be Creative and Flexible
  • Be Inclusive
  • Plan for Progress
  • Assess and Reflect

Additionally, you should also engage with relevant CPD and develop your teaching throughout the academic year and be open to the Quality Assurance Process.

If a peripatetic teacher is providing your MusicPlus tuition we do expect that the classroom teacher is present when MusicPlus lessons take place to assist with the smooth running of the lesson and preferably to take part themselves!

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