The Music Hub

The Music Hub was created to co-ordinate and commission music education programmes in Kent. Kent Music is one of 122 Music Hubs funded by Arts Council England and charged with aiding the delivery of their core aims for music hubs in the UK.

In June 2022 Arts Council England released The power of music to change lives: A National Plan for Music Education providing hubs with updated vision for music, aims and strategic functions.

Aims for Music Hubs

  • Support schools and other educational settings to deliver high-quality music education
  • Support young people to deliver their musical interests and talent further, including into employment
  • Support all children and young people to engage with a range of musical opportunities

To achieve these aims, Music Hub lead organisations, which receive and are accountable for government’s funding, will have responsibility for five strategic functions:

  1. Partnerships
  2. Schools
  3. Progression and musical development
  4. Inclusion
  5. Sustainability

We work closely with schools and other partners in Kent and further afield to deliver a wide range of both in- and out-of-school programmes, designed to give children and young people the opportunity to sing, learn to play musical instruments and progress with their music making.

This is done through the development and funding of in-school programmes, county-wide programmes and projects at a local and regional level. The priorities for in-school programmes feature inclusion, progression and innovation with partnership and collaboration central to programme delivery.

We are now an Arts Award Supporter