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Posted on: 5 October, 2023

October 2023 staff training and resources

‘Count Me In!’ Resource: Read about the launch of ‘Count Me In!’, a new inclusive music teaching resource. Learn more

Music Mark Peer Group for Instrumental and Vocal Tutors – October 12, 2023 (Online): Join Music Mark’s peer group for instrumental and vocal tutors for networking and learning. Details

Youth Music – Neuro-Inclusive Projects Toolkit – October 26, 2023 (Online): Discover practical approaches and tools for nurturing neurodivergent talent in music projects. Details

Sound Connections – Music and Social Justice Network – November 2, 2023: Join the relaunch of Sound Connections’ Music and Social Justice Network for a night of performance, discussion, and networking. Details

Inclusive Resources:

Sensory Processing and Music Therapy – October 9, 2023 (Online): Experience music therapy’s benefits for sensory impairments and learn techniques for working with those with visual and auditory impairments. Details

Neurodiversity Affirming Approaches in Music Therapy – October 18, 2023 (Online): Gain insights into autism and ADHD from neurodivergent music therapists. Details

Little Soundabout Cards: Enrich the lives of young adults with profound learning disabilities through everyday music-based activities. Discover

Sounds of Intent: Awards and Certificates: Explore an on-demand webinar about musical development for people with learning disabilities. Webinar

Indian Takeaway: Rāg and Tāl Basics: Access a free digital guide for learning and teaching Indian classical music, including 12 lesson plans. Discover

Discover Chords in Ableton Live: Explore this resource for discovering chords in Ableton Live through the Jaws theme tune. Check it out

MuseScore 4: Learn about the first music notation software supporting live Braille translation and 6-key Braille note input. Watch the video

RipX Future Audio Educational Discount: Apply for a 50% educational discount through RipX Future Audio platform. Apply

Black History Month:

Using Caribbean Music for Music Education – October 11, 2023 (Online): Explore Caribbean music’s role in pedagogy, covering folk and popular forms. Open to all, including beginners to intermediates. Learn more

Recruiting Classical 2023/24 – Strings and Woodwind: Auditions for string players in Autumn 2023 and woodwind workshops in Winter 2023. Open to musicians from ethnically underrepresented groups. Apply

EFDSS Black British History and Folk Songs: explore this brilliant free resource investigating the UK’s hidden histories of people of African origin from a folk perspective. Perfect for ages 14+! Find out more on their site.