Posted on: 27 May, 2022

Kent Music’s own Jubi-Lee

The upcoming Royal Jubilee will be a celebration to remember for so many reasons.

From the bank holidays (amazing) to the parties (#boogie) great food (yum) and, of course, celebrating our monarch (it’s mam like jam, not marm like farm) we can’t wait to celebrate. And of course, music will be at the heart of the celebrations!

For one Kent Music staff member, however, the latter was perhaps even more personal. Our very own Musical Instrument Administrator Lee had a starring role in making The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration, broadcast on Sunday 15 May! We asked him all about it…

What did you do?
“I worked as Assistant Musical Director and Playback Engineer for the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Platinum Jubilee Celebration. This entailed running the day show, which was around 10 hours long, and running back-up for the evening show broadcast on ITV.”

How did you get involved?
“It was literally a series of right place, right time situations that led me to working with Ken Peers and his company Macken Music on a freelance basis.”

What’s your favourite memory of working at the Jubilee events?
“They are pretty gruelling days (typically 15 to 18 hours), but there are some pretty memorable moments that stick out! One that comes to mind is watching Helen Mirren rehearse her lines and doing a little dance at the end when she nailed it! Also… the free food.”

What’s your background?
“Before working for Kent Music, I worked as a guitar tutor, theatre technician and Music Technology teacher.”

So…any good behind the scenes pics?
“Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of time to snap pics, however Ken did take this one of me in the control box eating dessert on the final day…”

Thanks so much for telling us all about it, Lee! Everyone at KM is so proud of your awesome work, and we can’t wait to hear what exciting stuff you get up to next.

Want to get involved in celebrating the Jubilee here in Kent? There’s some great things planned! Check out some of the top Jubilee celebrations in the county on the Visit Kent website.