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Posted on: 10 December, 2018

Maidstone Music Lab and Infozone – Lyrics of lost love, holidays and overcoming adversity!

Maidstone Music Lab/InfoZone Project
Autumn 2018

For nine weeks, a number of young people attended the Maidstone Music Lab at Infozone. Working with tutors Darren Edney and Paul Richards, they created original songs surrounding themes of lost love, holidays and overcoming adversity. Some of the young people chose to focus on writing lyrics (with some so engaged in the song-writing process that they then took these away to continue working on at home), whilst others focused on developing guitar riffs and chord progressions.

Paul helped the young people to structure their lyrics into song forms, developing verses, choruses and bridge sections. He also guided them in selecting suitable keys, rhythms and tempos to help convey the mood and theme of their songs. Meanwhile, Darren taught a number of the young people how to use the music technology software available, helping them to record their ideas, producing drum patterns, bass loops and layered parts, as well as experimenting with a variety of different effects and production techniques. With some excellent guitar work, extremely catchy lyrics, some trombone and violin work (and even a distorted ukulele!), it became evident after the first few weeks that some fantastic work was being produced.

Aside from Darren’s last few production touches, the final result was four completed original songs, all developed from the young people’s initial ideas and creative thoughts. In the final session, the group listened to one another’s pieces and were incredibly positive in their feedback to one another. Have a listen!


Rowan, one of the talented guitarists in the group, said: “I enjoy Music Lab because it is like a club where we can create new music in a very relaxed way. I love having so much choice to try different instruments and the sound-tech. I like the fun atmosphere of Music Lab, it’s very friendly. The Music Lab tutors are talented, kind and enthusiastic, they help us do whatever we want to do. They helped me expand the sound of my guitar using effects and they are really good at encouraging teamwork. The other young people I play music with at Music Lab are great, they all have different talents. I have not made music with rappers before and I enjoy doing that now. I am one of the youngest people but I feel I am welcome at Music Lab. I have made new friends and also brought one of my school friends along; he is a beginner musician and he loves it! It is brilliant when our new songs come together. I am ready for more Music Lab. We have only just started and there is lots more potential.”

This project was funded by Safer Kent who work to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour across Kent, with support from CSIS.