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Posted on: 19 June, 2019

Tunbridge Wells Primary School Orchestra Workshop

On Thursday 13 June over 100 primary school children from 8 schools in Tunbridge Wells got together to play in a huge orchestra at the Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools Orchestra Workshop, organised by the Tunbridge Wells Network of Primary School Music Teachers and supported by Kent Music and The Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra.

This annual event, conducted by Yvonne Smith, involves children who have been learning their instrument for over 12 months. For many of them it is the first time they have played in an orchestra.  The children were coached in sectionals for brass, woodwind, recorders, tuned percussion, untuned percussion and strings, before becoming one huge ensemble.  At the concert to parents they played the ‘Enigma Variations’ by Edward Elgar, (BBC Ten Pieces arrangement), ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams arranged by Cheryl Hooker-Blake and ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley. Over 150 friends and family came to listen to the concert after which many children stayed on to a ’try-out’ session where prospective pupils could meet peripatetic teachers in various instruments. Many thanks to Kent Music and to The Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra for their help on the day and to St John’s CE Primary School Tunbridge Wells for hosting.